Weeks 1-10

Week 1 – In which it all starts.

Beginnings, Bluff, Interrupting, Cow, Needs and Bunnies

Week 2 – In which most of us stopped to watch a wedding.

ANZAC, Guide, Networking, Attack, Wedding and Drawings

Week 3 – In which Mothers Day and phone addictions were to be had.

Mother, Enjoy, Predictions, Covet, Secrets, Levels and Frocks


Week 4 – In which the Liff site began, with the usual teething problems.

Button, Four words, Batteries, Arnold, Wabbit and Trash


Week 5 – In which the Bride and the Eldest go to school camp.

Rapt, Camp, AAARGH, Manly, Home and Zzzz


Week 6 – In which words and good word-smiths are appreciated.

Literature, Fsh, Grenade, Towels, Dark and Talk


Week 7 – In which report cards are done.

Bullets, LOLZ, Rawr, Zest, Check lists and Paris

Week 8 – In which there are beginnings, productions, endings and mementos.

Infinite, Tardis, Projects 1, Rex, Jinx and Eclipse


Week 9 – In which an anniversary kicked of a week of highs and lows.

Anniversary, Questions, Wallet, Voices, Meh and Projects 2


Week 10 – In which eccentricities are observed and celebrated (sometimes).

Pain, Expectations, Pleasure, Taste, Ladies and Morte




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