This is Liff

Hi good people (whoever you may be),

For a few years I made cartoons on h2g2, the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy website. Then life got in the way, it all became too much and so I stopped.

I’d like to start it up again, but not on h2g2.

  • That moment’s passed. Fresh start and all that.
  • Most of the wonderful friends I made at the site have left.
  • The BBC, who own h2g2, are closing it.*
The strip was called h2g2life, but now I’m calling it Liff, a title based on an obscure Douglas Adams reference. In short, it’s not quite life, which is a fitting description. I hope you enjoy it!

*Actually, they’re selling it. 

2 thoughts on “This is Liff

  1. Love your cartoons!!! Your sense of humour is just great. Keep up the work. I will become a regular follower.
    The Royal Wedding comic with the reference to “The Princess Bride” is classic. Mitchell & I both thought of the same scene during the ceremony. (I only watched until the football came on… no really… OK you’re not really surprised.)

    • Thanks Adrian. Appreciated. 😀
      “The Princess Bride” references come thick and fast in our household. It was quite natural to think of it when the ceremony was on.
      And no, I’m not surprised by that at all. 😉

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