2 thoughts on “Weekender – Holiday Things

  1. I love your work ,like just isn’t enough.
    ALSO, I have just been introduced to Sir Ken Robinson’s book ‘The Element’. So wandered off to see his website and at the bottom of the following link http://sirkenrobinson.com/skr/buzz-tweets is a really cool piece of animation that was done while he delivered part of a speech. It is right at the bottom, I hope you like it.


  2. I have watched many in the RSA series Mim – they’re wonderful!
    I haven’t seen this one though (until now). Fantastic and true and it sounds like a few of our conversations back when we were teaching in the same location. 😀

    For others, check it out – it shows how education has developed over the years and how it needs to develop still: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U

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