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Hi everyone,

Now we’ve hit the end of Week 50 (I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all Liff comics are categorised by weeks) it’s time to make an announcement.

Liff will be finishing up at the end of Week 52.

At the time of writing this, the site has been up for almost two years and Week 52 would mean a year’s worth of comics. It’s a nice place to finish, really.

As I’ve often said, I created the strip at a time when I was doing practically no art. I wanted a regular project to get the creative juices up and working and, in this sense, it’s definitely been successful. While it’s not a very art-heavy strip – I’m still using images I created in Week 1 – it’s helped push me to come up with something almost every day for two years. You’ve definitely helped with that. Having an audience has kept me on my toes. 😀

The knock-on effect of this has lead to, amongst other things, participating in the OzComics challenges and, at the end of last year, ticking off a bucket list item by being asked to illustrate a story in an upcoming Killeroo comic. It was a fantastic year and I fully intend to keep the momentum and variety going. And this means coming up with new projects.

Having said all of this, I would never consider Liff as completely closed but, for now, it will be wrapping up in two weeks.

I’m letting you know now because I hate sudden endings. If a show I’m watching is getting axed, I’d rather know up front than afterwards. I also prefer a show to end before the shark has jumped, rather than afterwards. LOL


Ayyyyyyyyyyy! And thanks.



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