Weeks 11-20

Week 11 – In which ability and abilities are explored.

Pause, Arise, Adaptation, Vision, Opportunity and Senses


Week 12 – In which a break was needed.

Needs, Awakening, Snape, Delivery, Absent and Hiatus


Week 13 – In which there were hellos, goodbyes and taste was brought into question.

Back, Nurturing, Wasted, Fear, Cosmic and Consensus


Week 14 – In which dreams, discussions and deprivation of sleep occurred.

1:58am, 2:10am, 2:25am, 2:32am, 3:06am and Planning


Week 15 – In which stratagem was important for the young and not-so-young.

Check, Squeaky, Obsession, Rules, Hardcore and Verdict

Week 16 – In which a little subject turned into a big battle.

Outside, Little, Attack, Battle, Intervene, Resolve



Week 17 – In which a milestone was reached.

Father, Nutshell, 100, Spam, Strategy, Bouncy, Magical

Week 18 – In which trivia was pursued.

Stuff, Tax, Sociable, Future, Home, Chill


Week 19 – In which laser tag was played and perfection was achieved. For some.

Dressed, Bloated, Alias, Tactics, Score, Trip


Week 20 – In which holidays were had and batteries were recharged.

Nature, Reviews, Still, Drawn, Pundemonium, iViews


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