Weeks 41-52

Week 41 – In which bones are broken.

Negatives, Regenerate, Patient, Account, Ribbing, Capable

Week 42 – In which randomness occurred.

Debate, Balance, Lock, LOL, Arrr, Parting

Week 43 – In which a costume was created for the Client From Hell.

Spring, Briefing, Pre-production, Development, Review, Debrief

Week 44 – In which school holidays were enjoyed. By some.

Spring Break, Viewing, Bored, Prrr, Hangin’, Frame of Mind


Week 45 – In which Christmas was celebrated and the end of the world happened. Again.

Celebrate, Block, Behaving, Gifts, Melt, Apocalypse, Preparation

Week 46 – In which holidays ended. For some.

Cultured, Recharge, Reaction, Wounded, Resolute, Deal

Week 47 – In which mischief was managed.

Handy, Sport, Inverse, Chair, Mellowed, Plot

Week 48 – In which assistance was required for a fix it project.

Australia Day, Information, Equipped, Complaint, Paint, Support

Week 49 – In which a new school year begins and routines are followed.

Hangover, Weather, School, Bus, Control, Routines

Week 50 – In which there were opportunities to escape.

Articulate, Thoughts, Recount, Escape, Search, Vaguebooking

Week 51 – In which there was concern over people’s abilities to perform.

Tie-ins, Nom, Counter, Pontificate, Ewww, Bang!

Week 52 – In which it all comes to a close.

Attention, Accent, Enthralled, Taxed, Penultimate, Finale



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