Weeks 31-40

Week 31 – In which the lines between perception and actuality were realised.

Consult, Reminder, Shock, Friday, Sense, Uptake

Week 32 – In which media was criticised.

Outcome, Force, Potential, Undo, Cops, Missed

Week 33 – In which a new addition was welcomed to the household.

Arrival, Astray, Accede, Affect, Award

Week 34 – In which school holidays were enjoyed. By some.

Hunt, Better, Really?, Activity, Dialogue, Lightsaber


Week 35 – In which writing recommences, and simple pleasures are enjoyed.

Devilry, Drawn, Smash, Promotion, Big, Busy, Acceptance

Week 36 – In which culprits were caught, to little effect.

Duck, Busted, Culprit, Watch Trouble, Glorious

Week 37 – In which, despite natural tendencies, the Olympics were watched.

Inevitable, Clearly, Respite, Tweets, Finish Line, Combat

Week 38 – In which pop culture and germs were shared.

Gadgets, Cough, Spell, Curious, Brave, Cough Cough

Week 39 – In which cleaning, demolition, memories and dementia occurred.

Uproar, Workout, Toasty, Misplaced, DMC-12, Flux

Week 40 – In which a lovely offer was made and gladly accepted.

Offer, Embark, Remember, Plan,



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