Weeks 21-30

Week 21 – In which minds were filled, organised, changed and rebooted.

Muse, Transfer, Geeksplosion, Order, Ninja Hug, Puzzling

Week 22 – In which a childish game became an adult obsession.

Pop, Interest, Intervene, Assistance, Denial, RIP

Week 23 – In which performances, schemes, support and ridicule were explored.

Walrus, Memory, Bravo, Letter, Twit, Wingman


Week 24 – In which hurdles were overcome and the fallen remembered.

Choices, B_V_RA_ _, Schtick, Vanquish, Observations, Peace


Week 25 – In which a neighbour’s party is followed.

Watched, Gathering, Preparation, Critique, Amped, Behaviour


Week 26 – In which Christmas preparations began and fun was achieved.

Mail, Role Call, Letter, Coal, Farewell, Christmas


Week 27 – In which the strip returned for a new year.

Holiday Things, Justification, Requests, Valentine, PvsZ, Betrothed, Travel


Week 28 – In which insults were thrown and grass was battled.

Content, Undead, Stupid, Bum, Lawn, Summer


Week 29 – In which there was a birthday.

Time, Update, Jokes, Cake, Rest, Manoeuvre


Week 30 – In which bickering took over things.

Conflict, Love, Noise, Over, Nicely, Cheers




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