5 thoughts on “Weekender – Bullets

  1. Brilliant, Rob!

    [rant alert]

    When I was a boy me and my friends soon found out that at least one of us would sometimes have to actually be hit and sometimes even killed in our gunfights.

    We could have quite lengthy discussions about who of us should “take the bullet” – and these discussions could often be longer than the actual fights .

    Next problem was of course that if we were only two and one got killed the game was over – and now what?

    we invited vials containing “water of life” (and these vials were of course as invisible as our weapons) which we could pour on the corpse and thus revive it!

    Years later we discovered there actually was something called “water of life”: Aqua vitae aka snaps or schnapps. And that it had many relatives, like cognac and whiskey.

    Happy whitsun everybody

  2. Oh dear, all my hootoo-smileys seem to be erased here. I shall have to use [ and ] instead of next



  3. Gaah! I can’t use square brackets at all (if that is what they are called?)! Harumph! [cross]


  4. Hi Pierce,

    I love the ‘water of life’ concept. Brilliant!

    It’s the sort of imagination kids have that lead me to make this cartoon in the first place. Kids are so good to listen to when they are playing. Well… when they’re playing nicely anyway.

    As for your hootoo smiley issue,,, can’t help I’m afraid. They only allow the basice on a site like this. 🙂 😀 🙁

  5. It’s all right, Rob, I was just slightly frustrated to see my smilies gone 🙂

    Now I am slightly frustrated to notice that I wrote “invited vials” instead of “invented vials” – but I guess people gathered what I meant, so I won’t let it bother me 😀

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