3 thoughts on “Wednesday – Schtick

  1. Is it too sad to admit that I actually liked the movie because it was rather pathetic. It’s a pleasant excuse to lose 2 hours while legitimately eating Kettle chips and chocolate.

    • Don’t get me wrong – there were aspects of the film I enjoyed (Nemo’s ship, for instance, was brilliantly realised). But, when I looked through the list of Sean Connery films when writing this comic, League was the one that promised the most and gave the least, if you know what I mean. And knowing Allan Moore’s amazing comic book beforehand compounded that disappointment.

      Oh well, that’sh the way it goesh. *shrugs*

  2. Yes, it would have been nice if they’d kept more to the book in some aspects – maybe not Skinner’s treatment of Mina (and his eventual demise) – but the whole Mars invasion plus Hyde’s gallant brutality and really cool death. That would have been fun to see in CGI.

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