Friday – Penultimate

Liff_0052_5I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather indulgent week. I thought it might be nice to give everyone their own ‘snapshot’ edition as a finale, based on what that family member was doing around the time of writing. To be honest I’m not sure if it works or not but, good or bad, it’s there, like all the other ones. 🙂 Last one this weekend!


Weekender – Spring Break

This is the simplified version: the full explanation would take many more verses. 😉

In summary, there are many things to do and many projects on the boil and Liff needs to have a sizeable break. As always, many many many thanks to those of you who continually follow my daily ramblings. I am forever chuffed at your comments and support!

All things going well in the world, the comic will return somewhere around Christmas.

Cheers everyone,



Weekender – Devilry


It looks like I’m writing again! I said you’d be the first to know when it happened. And… well… here we are. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

During my break from Liff, I’ve been participating in the weekly drawing challenges given by OzComics, led by the awesome Darren Close. If you haven’t already done so, go to the Facebook page and check out the amazing works that have been created! It’s been hard work just trying to produce work that matches the brilliant standards of these people. For the curious, my contribution to these challenges can be seen here.

So… for me, the aim will be the same – to create a daily comic strip loosely based on the silliness that occurs in our household. I hope you visit from time to time and enjoy what you see.