8 thoughts on “Friday – Wedding

  1. Never saw that film but realize it is a must see, LOL!
    Did you guys ever see the film about the American girl who falls in love with a foreign student only to find out that he is the heir to the Danish throne? It’s quite ridiculous – even if it is based on the true story about our crown prince meeting Mary of Tasmania during the Olympics in Sydney 2000

  2. Rob, I too am a huge fan of “The Princess Bride” – such a classic. What a joy to recently see it again – I have been watching the movie repeatedly since Christmas, when Melissa gave it to our kids as a gift. I love it! And yes, the wedding scene did spring to mind during the ‘Royal Wedding’, as did the fake British bishop in the Rowan Atkinson movie “Johhny English”, who had the tatoo across his bum . . . “Jesus is coming, Look Busy”. (I have just been catching up on your comic strip, and went back through some previous ones; thus the late comment) Love your work!

    • Ta Gorgeous!
      I was about to type ‘Glad you’re looking’, but that sounds a bit suggestive! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€
      Ended up typing it anyway I suppose.

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