6 thoughts on “Thursday – Attack

  1. LOL! Ridiculous, init? I hear some 70 million players worldwide are in danger of losing vital information like bank account numbers and such. Who the keeps their bank account numbers on a Playstation???

  2. It’s a strange thing.

    The bank heist of the past is small potatoes compared to what can be done these days. Forget the guy with the gun and the stocking over his head. Watch for the guy in the basement with the computer.*

    *’Guy’ being non-gender specific.

    • I got a bit wiser today: Seems lots of people buy new games via the net and their PlayStations. Now they should change their passwords asap!

  3. The MMORPG I play has more hoops to go through to pay their subscription than I have to jump to access my online bank account, mostly due to the constant hacking and phishing attacks it has to repel. Thankfully I have never owned a playstation.

  4. They’re advising us to have a unique password for everything on the web. Makes sense, but now I need to do a LOT of w*rk to change over.

  5. Amazing, the things we learn from Rob’s cartoons! 😉

    Our IT-guru taught us yesterday that we should have passwords with a combination of at least 11 letters and numbers, but 16 is several million times better than 11, litterally: It will take many more days to crack a password that is only a few letters/numbers bigger

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